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Why Motorcycle Owners Should Get To Know Their Insurance Agents


When seeking motorcycle insurance quotes, it can be tempting to bypass speaking to an actual insurance agent in favor of generating quick and easy insurance quotes online. However, even for individuals experienced in choosing motorcycle insurance policies, online quotes can be deceiving, and many times the initial quote generated by inputting certain general internet qualification parameters, is not the final amount the insured can expect to pay. Consulting with knowledgeable and experienced motorcycle insurance agents can make the difference between the policy that is needed and a policy that is worth only the paper it is printed on.

The first factor to consider is variances in motorcycle insurance coverage requirements between states. Applicants will need guidance regarding minimum requirements in their resident state, as well as the impact driving record, age, and number of drivers can have on motorcycle insurance premium costs. Next, knowledgeable motorcycle insurance agents can provide guidance on appropriate levels of medical coverage, accident and theft statistics in that state, state liability and fault laws in the event of an accident, and unnecessary bells and whistles that may add to the premium but not to the applicability of coverage purchased.

It is important to assess the agent with the same degree of care used in assessing each motorcycle insurance quote itself. Interview several agents and do not be hesitant to request a new agent if the carrier is of interest but the agent's manner, reliability, or knowledge comes into question. Compare quotes, options, and mandatory baseline charges between carriers to choose the appropriate motorcycle insurance premium. Insist that the agent spell out the benefits and drawbacks for each option of the policy recommended and continue the dialogue until each facet of the policy is clear.

When selecting motorcycle insurance agents to contact, consider asking friends and fellow riders for referrals. Local motorcycle sales or rental businesses may have recommendations, and internet ranking sites may have customer reviews posted, giving insight into the quality of service independent agents can offer. Motorcycle publications, magazines, and newspapers may also provide leads to local authorized motorcycle insurance agents. A quality agent's reputation often precedes them, and a reputation built on honesty, integrity, and ongoing efforts to solicit new business by carefully maintaining existing relationships can be worth a few extra dollars in annual or monthly premium expenses for peace of mind. Most importantly, a quality insurance agent will make every effort to recommend the right policy for the carrier's needs, eschewing low- or high-balling quotes for a quick sale. Continuing the search to find an agent that is right for coverage needs may initially take more time, but will pay off later once the policy is in place.

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