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Why Motorcycle Owners Should Collect Quotes Before Making A Purchase


All riders should shop around for motorcycle insurance before buying a new bike. You should probably shop around even if you are buying an old bike and just need liability coverage. Insurance companies use different criteria to determine motorcycle insurance premiums, and while liability insurance on a bike is a lot cheaper than a car, you may still save a few bucks by looking around.

But it is vital to shop around if you are getting a new bike and need complete coverage. Complete coverage means that your bike will be repaired if damaged in an accident, or replaced if stolen. If you are financing the bike, you will be required to show proof of insurance before driving your beauty off the showroom floor. But whether you are paying it all up front or monthly, getting several motorcycle insurance quotes may not only save you money, but also determine which make and model you buy.

Say you are 17, you have got a spanking new motorcycle license and you have got your heart set on a rice rocket like the Honda CBR. Insurance companies hate rice rockets, mainly because kids ride them too fast, too carelessly and they are often stolen. So you could easily be paying nearly as much for the insurance as the bike -- if not more. And if you have already had a motorcycle accident claim, then the price of your insurance will skyrocket -- that is, if you can find a company willing to insure you. You may find that you are better off buying a used bike and just getting liability or buying a more sedate motorcycle.

If you are older and/or looking for a cruiser, Harley or foreign, then it still pays to shop around and get different insurance quotes before you buy. Again, all insurance companies have different and seemingly arbitrary pricing structures that will change the price you pay. The size of the bike should be factored in, as rates will differ depending on how many CCs your bike has. Always check for occupational discounts -- some insurance companies give discounts to doctors and other professional people -- and multi-policy options. If you own a home, check to see if that company insures motorcycles as well, as you may get a discount, though this is more frequent with cars. Other factors include your usage of the bike, if you've taken a motorcycle driving course, how long you have been riding and of course, your driving record. A DUI, for example, may count against you longer with one company than it will with another -- but you won't know unless you check. Shopping around may take time, but it saves money too.

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