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Motorcycle Insurance Quotes On New Bikes Versus Old Bikes


Motorcycle insurance is a necessity on today's congested roadways. While the search for motorcycle insurance quotes may not be the most enjoyable part of owning a bike, nevertheless it is necessary in order to be able to ride with peace of mind. Owners of new bikes can expect to bear different premium costs than owners of older bikes, although actual premiums will be based on a variety of features beyond the simple age of the motorcycle being insured.

While it can be tempting to assume that the costs of motorcycle insurance for new bikes will always be higher than for older bikes, this may not be the case. The style, model, engine size, and custom features of the bike all contribute to the prices for the motorcycle insurance quotes received. In addition, the age of the driver, percentage of drive time, expected terrain, and other factors will likely influence monthly motorcycle insurance premium costs. The best determinant of success in obtaining a policy that is affordable is to investigate motorcycle insurance quotes before you purchase the bike. This will ensure that you can afford the insurance premiums. Additionally, if you have an older bike that is considered "vintage", that is a different category of insurance altogether. Not all insurance companies offer coverage for vintage bikes so you will want to specify that it is a vintage bike when you are gathering the quotes.

The older model bike with a smaller, less powerful engine will be the cheapest to insure. A sports model of an older bike will still be more expensive to insure than a non-sports or cruiser model bike. Any modifications on an older bike increase the risk to the driver and others and may increase premiums accordingly. New sports model bikes will be the most expensive to insure. Interestingly, insurance companies will take into account the garaging situation for the bike when giving motorcycle insurance quotes. The threat of vandalism or theft factored in with the age and model of the bike can increase or decrease premiums accordingly. For younger drivers, it is always wise to obtain an older model bike with a small engine and provide safe, secure garaging space to take advantage of every possible discount on otherwise high premiums.

Remembering that providing motorcycle insurance coverage is not an option but a necessity will take some of the sting out of premium costs. The best path to locating the right motorcycle insurance is to do a thorough analysis of all quotes and ask lots of questions of the insurance agent. Rather than purchasing insurance online it is best to speak with an insurance agent who can go into more detail about coverage levels and limits.

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