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Motorcycle Brands And How They Can Impact Insurance Quotes


Motorcycle insurance quotes can be some of the most expensive in the automotive industry and for a number of reasons. First, motorcycles are often the most dangerous of vehicles on the road, owing not only to the high potential for injury if a rider falls and hurts themselves but due to the fact that many motorists do not pay as much attention as they should to other vehicles on the road. In addition, the costs of repair for a motorcycle and to treat any injuries a rider sustains are often extremely high, meaning that an insurance company must pay out a significant amount of money in order to cover costs. What many consumers also do not realize, however, is that motorcycle brands can also have an impact on the cost of motorcycle insurance quotes.

Why? The simple answer is that different brands are made for different purposes. A Suzuki or Kawasaki bike is made almost exclusively for quick riding, fast turns and high speed, and this means that they will in turn have a higher insurance premium than a large Harley Davidson that is intended for cruising on a highway or for long trips. Motorcycle brands that have as their sole purpose speed and power over performance and handling will be treated differently by insurance companies and will almost inevitably lead to higher motorcycle insurance quotes.

The costs of motorcycle insurance quotes will also be more for those riders who own a bike that is a rare or off-brand make, especially if it is from another country. Not only will insurance companies be unable to determine exactly what specifications were used to make a motorbike if they do not have access to the original information about the bike, but the cost to repair it can be astronomical, as it may require specific parts that must come from another country. In addition, motorcycles that are not of any particular brand but that are a mish-mash of different parts and that have been created by hobbyists will not be something that a company can properly assess in terms of the cost to repair.

While the way in which a motorcycle is driven, the driving record of the rider and the conditions in which it is being used will all have an effect on the cost of motorcycle insurance quotes, the brand of the motorcycle can also have a significant impact on the quote price. A motorcycle that is an off brand, sport bike or one that has been self-created can mean a higher cost for consumers to ensure as insurance companies do their best to protect their interests and lower their overall costs.

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