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How Modifying Your Bike Can Affect Your Motorcycle Insurance Quotes


Most motorcycle riders are use to being seen as road warriors, ready for anything that comes their way. The devil may care attitude, however, can crack under the pressure of high insurance rates. An already high motorcycle insurance premium can skyrocket if you modify your bike without checking with your insurance carrier first. While not all modifications will affect the bottom line of your motorcycle insurance quote, the few that make a difference make a huge difference. The most informed motorcycle riders are those that know exactly how potential modifications would change their rates. Only once you know the final cost should you modify your bike.

The modifications that affect your motorcycle insurance the most are changes that alter the bike to increase performance. Insurance companies fear that you will use a performance enhanced bike inappropriately, and will raise premiums for bikes that could be used for street racing. The modifications that could lead your insurance carrier to raise your rates, even if you do not intend to ride in the fast lane, are: changes to increase the engine capacity over 5%, modifications to the bike's frame or wheels, and the addition of performance enhancing exhaust. Before you make any of these changes to bike, check with your insurance carrier first to see how your rates will be affected.

Minor modifications to your bike can often be done without causing your rates to go through the roof. Examples of small changes that will not change your rate include: a less than 5% increase in engine capacity, brake modifications to enhance safety, or the addition of huggers. These changes have even been known to lower motorcycle rates, as they can increase the chance of your bike surviving a crash. Whenever you modify your bike in a way that could improve your safety on the road, check with your insurance carrier to see if they can lower your insurance rate.

Motorcycle coverage continues to be a niche product that only appeals to a few individuals. Because of the relatively small pool of motorcycle riders on the road, insurance carriers often charge extremely high rates for the coverage you need. While you need to accept that motorcycle rates are higher than other vehicles, there is no reason for your insurance to be higher than it needs to be. Making major modifications to your bike without checking with your insurance carrier first is a surefire way to see your premium go up. Modifying your bike can make a big difference to your motorcycle insurance rates, so always think twice before you change your bike. Checking with your carrier first can save you a headache later on.

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