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Marital Status and Motorcycle Insurance Cost


When you apply for motorcycle insurance coverage, you're asked a variety of questions that help your insurer determine whether you're fit for coverage and what your premiums should be. Some of these questions are clearly related to your risks as a motorcycle driver; for instance, insurers will commonly ask how much experience you've had with a bike, and they'll quote insurance premiums lower for riders who have been riding for more than a few years. Some of the questions, though, don't seem too related to motorcycle insurance at all. For instance, almost every insurance company will ask you for your marital status, and from an outsider's perspective, this can seem unnecessary. However, it's an important factor in deciding motorcycle insurance costs.

The statistics are stacked in favor of married drivers. Married drivers are less likely to take risks, which makes them safer to insure. Of course, this isn't true in every case, but motorcycle insurance costs are based on the relative potential risk of a rider according to insurance company actuarial tables. It would be impossible to determine the likelihood of a motorcycle accident based on a rider's record alone, so large actuarial tables are used by every motorcycle insurance company. Insurance premiums are therefore higher for single motorcycle owners. They may also be higher for divorced motorcycle owners.

While this may seem unfair, insurance costs are very scientific, and there's little that you can do to talk your insurer out of using statistics to decide your premium. You can, however, take steps to keep your insurance premiums low, even if you're a single motorcycle owner. Gather quotes, and call your agent to discuss your policy. Try to press for lower costs, and bring up competitor pricing whenever possible. Ask about discount programs for safe motorcycle riders--if you took any sort of class for your motorcycle license that wasn't legally necessary, for instance, many insurers will offer you some sort of discount for the extra effort. Other common insurance discounts include family plan discounts and price cuts for bikes that use anti-theft devices.

Every motorcycle owner can get low insurance premiums, although it may take a little bit of work. If your rates are high, insurance statistics might be biased against you, especially if you're a new motorcycle owner and you're single. If you're male and under 30, you'll have an especially tough time proving to prospective insurers that you're a safe, responsible driver. Even so, by taking your time when buying a new policy, you can easily find great motorcycle insurance coverage at a low cost.

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