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Managing Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy With Your Car Insurance Policy


Motorcycle insurance can be a major expense in some states, and riders need to take advantage of every discount that they can possibly find. This includes discounts for a well maintained bike, the use of good comparison shopping techniques, and if a rider also owns a car, it's a good idea to combine both vehicles' insurance policies. This can lead to much lower premiums for both policies, and in some cases the savings can be extremely significant. However, a driver/rider should think carefully before taking this step in order to find each policy's overall costs.

For one, it's important to look at the coverage levels for each of your vehicles, and decide whether any changes need to be made. If you spend most of your commuting time in a car and only use your motorcycle for recreation, for instance, you might not need high levels of insurance coverage for your bike. That's not to say that you shouldn't buy more than the minimum required coverage levels, but you should carefully consider your potential risks to avoid overpaying. This is especially true if you have a heavily customized car or motorcycle, as insurance costs for these types of vehicles can get exorbitant. Talk to your insurance agent and discuss the risks of lowering your insurance coverage amounts.

You'll next need to collect various car and motorcycle insurance quotes for comparison. Use online comparison websites to generate several quotes for each company, but also be ready to contact each insurance provider to see what types of discounts they offer to drivers who insure both a car and a motorcycle. You'll likely need to do some calculation in order to find the best possible car and motorcycle insurance quote, but it's well worth the time. Don't back down on coverage, and be sure to approach each agent politely but firmly. You'll often be able to negotiate better rates for both your vehicles.

If you haven't bought insurance for two vehicles at the same time before, take your time and make sure to pick a company with a low motorcycle insurance premium and a high customer satisfaction rate. If you're unable to find affordable policies that work well with both of your vehicles, ask about car and motorcycle insurance discounts. These are special programs offered by insurance providers that can often save you a lot of money on premiums, simply by parking in a locked location or taking a defensive driving course. If you're willing to do a bit of work, it's easy to find cheap insurance for both your car and your motorcycle. In the end, you'll save money and enjoy a piece of mind when operating on the road.

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