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How Maintaining Your Motorcycle Can Lead To Lower Insurance Costs


Many individuals throughout the world enjoy the thrill of riding motorcycles. Unfortunately, motorcyclists often find their insurance premiums to be extremely pricey. Motorcycle insurance costs can reportedly vary from anywhere as little as $20 a month to as much as $300 a month. Currently, with the exception of Florida, every state in America requires that bikers purchase liability motorcycle insurance. There are a number of reasons why motorcycle insurance premiums are so expensive. One of the primary factors for excessive motorcycle insurance quotes is due to the dangers that motorcyclists encounter while riding. In 2007 alone, an alarming 103,000 motorcyclists were injured in traffic accidents. Beyond taking appropriate safety precautions and possessing a good driving history, bikers can lower insurance costs by maintaining their motorcycles.

One valuable way that bikers can reduce their monthly insurance premiums is by parking their motorcycles in a garage. Bikers that leave their motorcycles parked in the street, particularly in urban areas, can expect to experience pricier insurance rates than those that don't. The reasoning behind such higher premiums is because insurers realize that motorcycles that are left parked on the street are subject to theft and accidents. If a motorcyclist does not have access to a garage, the next best option to find a discount on comprehensive coverage is to purchase and install an anti-theft device such as Lojack.

An added basis for higher insurance rates for bikers that park in the street is the overall toll that inclement weather takes on motorcycles. Motorcyclists that reside in regions that typically experience very humid or hot temperatures, place their bikes in grave jeopardy by leaving them in the outdoors. Drastic heat and mugginess is liable to damage a motorcycle and even cause it to crack. Conversely, territories that traditionally encounter cold, icy and snowy conditions also pose hazards for motorcycle owners. Salt that is used to combat snow and ice can prove to be very harmful to a motorcycle. A buildup of salt can badly decay both the inside and outside of a bike. Furthermore, among other parts, remaining moisture from a storm can ravage motorcycles tires. Although it won't prevent burglaries or vandalism, a quality motorcycle cover can help alleviate harm from the elements.

Motorcyclists face higher insurance quotes than individuals that own and operate cars. In all probability, most bikers expect and understand that their insurance premiums will be elevated in comparison to owners of standard vehicles. The risks associated with riding a motorcycle far surpass the dangers of driving a car, even the motorcycle size. Nevertheless, there are ways for bike owners to lessen the amount of money that they spend on insurance. Motorcyclists will reduce their premiums by parking and maintaining their bikes indoors.

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