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Lowering Your Motorcycle Insurance Quotes When Living In A High Crime Area


For many, there is nothing like the thrill of the first motorcycle ride of spring. Pulling the bike out of a garage or storage bay, polishing it up, and getting it ready for another season is at the top of the list for many Americans when the weather begins to turn sunny once again. But before going out on the road, it is essential to make sure that valid motorcycle insurance is in place. Sadly, motorcycle insurance quotes are often high, based both on the speed of the vehicles and the potential for injury should a collision occur. In some cases, nothing can be done about an expensive motorcycle insurance rate, but many owners don't realize some of the things they could be doing to bring their premiums down to a more reasonable level.

One of the most important things that a motorcycle owner can do is assess the risk of theft. Motorbikes are often stolen, both for their ease of transport and their resale value. From a motorcycle insurance perspective, insurance companies look at this likelihood of being stolen as a substantial risk that the policy will need to be paid out, in part or in full. This is especially true for those motorcycle owners who live in a high-crime area, or those that experience a great deal of auto theft. Although the effects of crime cannot be entirely mitigated, there are a few steps that can be taken to make sure that a bike is a safe as possible.

First, make sure that it is secure. Do everything possible to disable the bike when it is not in use, and make sure that all keys and paperwork are kept inside the house or are with the rider of the bike. A bike with a spare key in it or the insurance papers tucked into a compartment presents a much easier target than one that is immobile. Second, find a place to park the bike that is not on the street. A backyard, garage, or even in an entryway are all better choices than on a high-crime street. Once the bike is behind a locked door or gate, the risk of it being successfully stolen, drops dramatically. One other way to a lower motorcycle insurance rate in a high-crime area is to become active in lowering the crime rate. Neighborhood watch and community associations often have programs designed to "take back" city streets and parks; and if carried out on a consistent basis, these tactics can significantly reduce crime. The insurance company should then be able to re-evaluate and re-adjust motorcycle insurance quotes for that area. Being proactive in bike safety is always helpful in obtaining lower motorcycle insurance rates.

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