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Leather And Helmet Coverage Under Motorcycle Insurance


Motorcycle insurance is an essential purchase for all keen bikers, but consumers need to be on the lookout for policies that cover more than just the bike. More and more insurance companies are including coverage for helmets and protective clothing (such as leather), as well as the bike itself In the event of accident, it is obviously not just the bike at risk, it is the biker themselves, and any protective clothing that can help to prevent serious injury as a result of the accident is a fairly sensible addition to any motorcycle insurance policy, so when shopping around for your next policy, check to see if those motorcycle insurance quotes include coverage for your helmet and leathers.

Clothing can be every bit as important as the helmet. Modern clothing for bikers is especially designed to give impact and abrasion protection to their wearers in the event of accident. It has been proven that the correct clothes can significantly reduce the chances of serious injury being sustained as a result. Because of this, keen bikers are recommended to spend around 15 percent to 20 percent of the cost of the motorcycle itself on the correct protective clothing. With the majority of helmets and correct leathers estimated to cost more than $500 on average, why shouldn't those items be included in motorcycle insurance quotes? Clothing items such as leathers and helmets will almost inevitably need to be replaced, just as the motorcycle itself, in the wake of an accident, so bikers are well advised to ensure they are covered in any motorcycle insurance policy they decide to take out, as well as ensuring that, even if they are included, the coverage is adequate to be able to afford good quality replacement items for those lost.

In today's world, a quality helmet and leathers are a vital component of a motorcycle user's everyday life. One insurance company in the United Kingdom, Bikesure, which changed its policy to include extra coverage for helmet and leathers in early 2009, admitted that, "Standard helmet and leathers policies just don't cut it anymore," according to the company's spokesman, Robert Balls, in the process ensuring that leathers and helmets were insured for up to a thousand pounds-enough for good quality replacements- and there are many more insurance companies both in the United States and overseas that have also implemented this practice.

Wherever you look for coverage, where online or individual agent offices, ensure your motorcycle insurance quotes include adequate coverage for your helmet and leathers. The coverage is an important part of every motorcycle insurance policy.

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