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Learning Your State Motorcycle Insurance Laws


Motorcycle insurance laws are different in each state, and learning these laws can help to prevent insurance issues from arising while driving a motorcycle. Motorcycle insurance costs are not usually high, but learning the insurance laws in your state can help you decide what motorcycle insurance coverage you need. Determining your exact coverage needs can also help to lower monthly premiums, saving money and making a motorcycle an even more attractive option for commuters on a budget.

In some states, it is not necessary to have motorcycle liability insurance. Liability insurance provides coverage in the case of an accident. If a person with liability insurance gets in an accident, liability coverage will provide money for claims made against the insured. Certain states, like Florida, do not have motorcycle insurance laws that require drivers to have liability insurance. Despite some states not requiring liability insurance for motorcycle drivers, underinsured motorcycle drivers are still responsible for paying all claims filed against them. While not having liability motorcycle insurance can help to reduce motorcycle insurance costs, it may end up being more expensive in the event of a serious accident where multiple parties are injured.

Not all states require motorcycle drivers to wear helmets. Certain states have laws in place that require drivers to wear helmets, while other states do not require drivers to wear helmets, but there are motorcycle insurance law implications. Motorcycle drivers who are under the age 21 are required to wear helmets, and drivers who have less than $10,000 dollars are also required to wear helmets. Knowing the helmet laws can help to keep motorcycle insurance costs low, and can also help to avoid paying large fees for not obeying the motorcycle helmet laws.

There are a number of ways to find out about the motorcycle insurance laws in your state. Start by using the internet to find a list of motorcycle laws. Most websites will offer a list of motorcycle insurance laws that can be browsed by state. Internet sites offer broad rules but do not usually include all of the motorcycle insurance laws and motorcycle insurance discounts. After searching for laws online, talk to an insurance agent to find out which laws apply to you. Insurance agents can also help to find discounts that will lower motorcycle insurance costs.

Motorcycle insurance laws differ from state to state, and because of this each state will have different motorcycle insurance costs. In order to get the best deal on motorcycle insurance, it is important to learn the motorcycle insurance laws by conducting research and by working closely with an insurance agent. Knowing the state motorcycle insurance laws will help to lower motorcycle insurance costs.

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