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Key Components Of Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Coverage


Comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage protects you from expenses if your motorcycle is stolen or damaged whether it is your fault or not. It also covers damage caused by weather, flood and animals or other natural causes. A motorcycle insurance calculator will help you determine the rates of your policy.

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage is most appropriate for people who own newer or more valuable bikes or live in areas where theft is common and want to protect their property. It does not protect you from damage to personal property or bodily injury to another party. The basics of most policies are the same in terms of what is covered and what is not. As with all insurance policies, there are options that you can choose to include or not. The more options you include the higher the premium will be.

What you pay for your comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage also depends on the deductible you select and other factors including the particular bike you are insuring and its engine size. A motorcycle insurance calculator will also factor in how much total coverage you want and even where you live. It is possible to get a good idea of what your premiums will be by using a motorcycle insurance calculator. They are available on many insurance websites. Be sure that you are getting the same coverage when comparing costs from several companies; choose the same deductibles etc. There are a number of features that should be included in any motorcycle insurance coverage policy that you consider.

The cost for repairs for any damage to your bike should be covered in full regardless of who is at fault but keep in mind that your premiums at renewal may be higher. The policy should also cover all reasonable expenses related to an appropriate repair shop including towing if necessary. If you are the only owner of a bike that is deemed a total loss and it is two years old or less some companies will replace the bike for you. This can be a worthwhile add on coverage.

If your motorcycle is damaged or stolen, your motorcycle insurance policy will cover all the cost of a rental vehicle for as long as it takes to repair the damaged bike or to find a new one within reasonable limits.

Besides these common features of most insurance policies, many motorcycle insurance plans offer additional ones that can be very useful. They include things like helmet replacement, guaranteed level premium rates, guaranteed renewal and even gap coverage which covers the difference between the value of your bike at the time it was totaled and the amount you still owe on it.

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