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Keeping Your Motorcycle Insurance While Searching For A Job


Usually, when you are searching for a job, it is because you do not have a job or because your current job does not pay enough. If either case applies, you may feel that certain unnecessary expenses should be cut, such as insurance for a seldom-used motorcycle. However, keeping your motorcycle insurance coverage while searching for a job should be considered a necessary expense and there are several points to consider before letting that policy lapse.

Riding an uninsured motorcycle compromises more than just your safety. The only valid argument for not carrying insurance on your motorcycle would be if the bike were inoperable. If a motorcycle is your standby means of transportation, ready to hit the road at any given time, you need to keep it covered, even when times are lean. Having your bike insured will save you time and money in the long run.

According to the National Safety Council, in the US, a motorcycle accident involving bodily injury occurs approximately every 14 seconds and less than 25% of motorcycles stolen are ever recovered. Furthermore, most that are recovered are much worse for wear. If your bike gets totaled or stolen and there is no insurance to repair or replace it, you will probably choose to simply live without it. However, you will eventually realize that you cannot afford to live without it and by having insurance, you will not have to.

Aside from being a law in most states, keeping your bike covered makes good sense financially, especially while job-hunting. Your job searching may be done from your home computer but you can cover a lot of miles going on those job interviews and these days, with gas prices hovering around $3.25 per gallon, a more affordable alternative to your car should be appreciated. Also, that job you could land may require a longer commute than you want, especially while waiting for that first paycheck. The money you save on gas while commuting on your bike can more than make up for the cost of insuring it. With the money you save, you might even be able to afford to by some accessories that will make taking the bike to interviews more practical, such as saddlebags for carrying those resume and letters of reference or a fairing to deflect that early morning rush hour wind.

If you're considering cutting costs by reducing your coverage to just the minimum required by law, which might keep you from being sued or arrested in case of an accident, but it will not cover your medical bills or the cost of replacing your bike. Two financial burdens you do not need, especially while job-hunting. Keeping motorcycle insurance is important.

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