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Keeping Your Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Low By Negotiating With Your Insurance Agent


Negotiating with your motorcycle insurance agent is one of the most important parts of locking in a low-cost policy, and regardless of how long you've owned a bike, it's well worth your time to spend a few minutes talking to your agent and asking for a lower motorcycle insurance premium. It doesn't take long, and you can end up saving quite a bit of money. You need to use the right approach, though; riders should be polite, to the point, and firm, and you need to do just a bit of research.

The right attitude is key, because insurance agents are normal people, and if you're rude when you first contact them, they're not going to try very hard to find ways to decrease the cost of your policy. Be polite when you call, but let them know why you're calling--that is, of course, if you want a lower premium for your motorcycle insurance policy. Be ready with information about your driving record that you can use for leverage. If you haven't made any claims with their company, if you've completed a motorcycle training course, or if you've avoided tickets for the time that you've been on the road, let the insurer know this. They'll take it into consideration when reevaluating your policy. Be very friendly, but be firm--let them know that if they're not able to offer you a lower cost, you'll find a company that can.

In order to find a low cost motorcycle insurance quote, you've got to be willing to do a bit of research, too. Finding quotes from a variety of insurance providers is crucial, because this is the only way to compare both quotes and coverage levels, and you won't be able to successfully negotiate with an insurance agent if you're not aware of what the competition is offering. Doing this research is quick and will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

Cost comparison websites are a great resource, as they allow motorcycle owners to find several quotes from major insurance companies with a few clicks, and they can make your job much easier. Gather quotes and look at all possible aspects of the policy, from coverage levels to customer satisfaction rates and of course, the actual insurance premiums. Feel free to call some of the companies that you've contacted to ask a few questions and see what kind of a price you could get. Before you switch insurers, though, call your current provider and try to get a lower price; it's better to stay with a single company if you can. If you've done the right amount of research, getting a lower premium (and keeping it low) should be a breeze.

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