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The automotive insurance industry was one of the first to make the jump to the online market. Now, insurance quotes are available online at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. This allows consumers a far greater range of choice than ever before, and means that the standard method of making an appointment with a local insurance agent who sold only one or two brands of insurance is no longer necessary. Even for motorcycle owners, who are frequently on the receiving end of far higher rates for motorcycle coverage than their counterparts who drive four-wheeled vehicles, this plethora of insurance providers allows for affordable motorcycle insurance to a be a reality. With research and a little bit of knowledge about the insurance industry and their own bike, almost any owner can find motorcycle coverage that will protect them but will not drain their wallet.

Motorcycle riders generally fall into two broad categories - those who are experienced riders that customize their own machines and have a long history of riding both in-city and the surrounding areas, and those new to the world of bikes, just getting their first or second stock cycle, often times with more power than they really need. In both cases, affordable motorcycle insurance can be hard to find, but is possible if the owner is dedicated to looking for and comparing the offers available before ultimately committing.

Older riders and customized bikes face higher premiums because of the lack of stock components in a bike make it difficult to determine its absolute value. This tends to encourage insurance providers to list the bike as a higher value than it might ultimately be worth, resulting in higher premiums for the owner. Young drivers face the difficulty of no experience and fast bikes. These two factors make them far more likely to have an accident than an older driver with a clean record, and this higher likelihood translates into higher premiums. Basic online motorcycle insurance quotes may seem reasonable, but once the company knows the history of the driver or the fact that the bike is custom built, the numbers can change drastically.

The key is patience and comparison. Just because one company offers a particular number, it does not mean they all will. Take this number to other companies, and ask what they can do to beat it. Watch out for online sales or discounts for drivers with great safety records, or who are willing to take courses or add safety features to their bike. Also, do not be afraid to switch companies. Affordable motorcycle insurance can be hard to come by, but not impossible, and any rider would do well to seek it out.

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