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How Your Age Impacts Your Insurance Premiums


Age is definitely a key consideration where low online quotes are concerned. Individuals that fall into certain age groups may find it easier to find affordable motorcycle insurance and other forms of auto insurance.

Drivers under the age of 25 are hardest to insure. Research shows that young males are most likely to engage at riskier behavior behind the wheel of a vehicle. This age group is considered to be a part of the high risk pool. Due to lack of actual driving experience and high incident rate of accidents within this age group, auto insurance premiums are more expensive for this group. An individual that falls into this particular age group can find the most affordable coverage under a parent's auto insurance plan. Generally pricing is most affordable for multiple car policies, so a driver in this age group would benefit from inclusion on a parent's policy.

Once an individual turns 25, the person moves toward a less risky pool of drivers. An individual can expect to see a reduction in auto insurance premiums and affordable motorcycle insurance becomes easier to obtain. The change in rates is largely attributed to a change in lifestyle, as individuals in this age group are most likely to become married and participate in risky driving behavior. Individuals over the age of 25 are also more likely to initiate a claim action against another driver. Individuals in this age group are encouraged to research auto insurance premiums to see if they are eligible for lower auto insurance premiums.

Individuals over the age of 55 are considered to be the safest of drivers. Insurance companies view drivers in this age category as being among the safest of drivers on the road. Drivers in this group are often encouraged to attend a driver improvement safety course to maximize savings. There is another reason why drivers receive more favorable auto insurance rates in this age group. The individuals within this age group are more likely to spend less time on the road. Individuals in this age group are also more likely to be retired and commute less as a result. Driving behavior and average commute time play a major role in auto insurance premiums.

Lifestyle changes, driver history, demographic, location and type of car driven all factor into the rate an individual will have to pay in auto insurance premiums. An individual can tailor their driving behavior and lifestyle to fit the profile of a less risky driver to see a change in auto insurance rates, or receive affordable motorcycle insurance. In order to find low online quotes, individuals have to research various auto insurance sites for competitive rates.

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