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How To Lower Motorcycle Insurance Costs For Customized Motorbikes


Owners of customized motorbikes know that their motorcycle insurance costs are likely to be higher than owners of standard issue motorbikes. While this can be a major source of concern to some as they are shopping for the motorbike of their dreams, the good news is that there are still many ways to lower the cost of motorbike insurance for custom bikes. Some of these ways relate to the bike itself and others are more common sense ways to keep insurance low that even standard bike owners may not realize are options. It is possible for bike owners to afford to both own and insure the custom motorbike of their dreams.

The first and most important way to keep custom motorcycle insurance costs low is to maintain meticulous and accurate records on all costs relating to the bike purchase, customization, and upkeep. Motorcycle insurance quotes are generated on a cost basis, but traditionally it has been more difficult for owners of customized motorbikes to provide accurate information about the exact costs and bottom line replacement value, of the bike. Keeping accurate records about the purchase price, value of modifications and customizations and details about the work that was done and current maintenance is imperative. This gives the insurance company an accurate benchmark when assessing both the value of the bike and their risk to insure it in the case of an accident where the bike is totaled.

The next way to keep costs lower on custom motorbike insurance is to ensure that customizations include all available safety features that insurance companies look for when assessing whether the insured is entitled to any discounts for safety. This includes taking certifications and courses on motorcycle safety, and may include affiliation with a local motorcycle club. Also, making sure that the bike is safely and securely garaged, and housed in a low crime area, and is equipped with an anti-theft device, can reduce the risk of theft and thus the risk to the insurance company of having to replace the bike one day.

Finally, there are certain things that every motorcycle owner can do that will keep insurance premiums lower. Be a safe driver, limit the number of drivers of the bike and do not allow teens or young adults to be listed as a driver, seek discounts by using the same insurance carrier for all of your insurance needs, consider paying one annual premium instead of paying monthly for a discount, and of course stay accident free to keep insurance rate increases at a minimum. Combining all these techniques together can yield lower motorcycle insurance premiums even for customized motorbikes.

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