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How To Locate Motorcycle Insurance Quotes For Motorbike Accessories


If you own a motorcycle, chances are fairly good that you own a few motorbike accessories. This includes anything that you wear on the road to some special customizations that you make to your bike that don't affect its functions. When you look at motorcycle insurance quotes, you'll probably spend some time thinking about how to buy the best possible coverage for your bike, what levels of liability coverage to buy, and other considerations that could be important in the event of an accident. However, many riders make the mistake of ignoring their motorbike accessories. Special insurance is necessary to cover these accessories, and while this insurance isn't expensive, it can save riders a lot of money down the road.

Most motorbike accessories are covered under an insurance add-on known as custom parts and equipment coverage. This is sometimes abbreviated as CPE coverage, and it's a good idea to stock up if you customize your bike or spend a lot of money on accessories. The good news is that with comprehensive motorcycle insurance, some amount of CPE coverage is usually included; in most states, $1,000 or so of your equipment will be covered in the event of an accident. However, many bikers make modifications that easily exceed $1,000. In order to fully cover sidecars, custom paint jobs, and biking gear such as clothes and helmets, you'll need to pay for additional coverage.

To find motorcycle insurance quotes that offer this coverage, you can use an insurance aggregate website to get a list of insurance companies that offer decent rates for your bike and select the coverage when filling out a motorcycle insurance quote application form. Make sure that you select the same amount of CPE coverage on each application; this will make it easier to compare the quotes. Many insurance aggregate websites will allow you to fill out one application to see dozens of quotes, but make sure CPE coverage is a part of each quote.

Once you've found coverage for your motorbike accessories, you'll need documentation to prove that you owned them if you ever need to make a claim. You should take pictures of your helmet, bike, and any modifications. Send them to your insurance agent and ask for his advice; make sure that you've got a record of the equipment that you've purchased before an accident ever occurs. Make sure that you're buying enough coverage, and be ready to increase it if you make any major bike modifications. This will keep your motorcycle accessories and modifications safe, and you won't have to worry about your limits of your coverage while you're riding.

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