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How To Get A Motorcycle Insurance Quote For A Seasonal Bike Rider


A seasonal motorcyclist has the option of obtaining a reasonable motorcycle insurance quote. A motorcycle insurance policy that is in effect for only part of the year will always cost less than a policy that is in full force for all twelve months. Seasonal bike riders have an advantage over people who purchase car insurance and over bikers who ride year round.

In most parts of the United States, motorcycle riding is not enjoyable or even feasible during much of the year. As soon as spring begins, motorcyclists are ready to hit the open road, but they are aware that a sudden thaw may not offer the ideal temperatures for long excursions. Summer, of course, is when most bikers are out and about, enjoying the lifestyle and freedom that other people on the road envy. Once autumn descends, rides become less frequent until the motorcycle is tucked away in storage for a long winter's rest. There is no need to insure a motorcycle year round if a biker is only going to ride it for six months or less. A motorcycle insurance quote should take the seasonal activity of an active biker into account.

Reliable insurance agents who specialize in motorcycle insurance know the special needs of motorcyclists. The key is to find an agent who understands the limitations that a motorcycle presents for year round travel. Agents who deal mostly with automobile insurance naturally think in terms of coverage that will be in effect and used in twelve month increments. Experienced motorcyclists who do not ride in winter know to look for a quote that limits coverage to when the bike is on the road rather than in the garage.

A customer should not assume that the motorcycle insurance policy he or she is purchasing is seasonal. Asking is the first step in acquiring appropriate coverage. Many companies offer coverage that will only be in effect during a specified time frame. These policies will often vary in price according to the average number of miles travelled during a particular month in a particular season, but they all offer a substantial savings over policies that assume the biker is riding in hazardous winter conditions. It is important for a biker to provide an accurate estimate of how many miles he or she expects to travel during different times of year. The odometer does not lie and if mileage exceeds a reasonable estimate, claims may be denied by an insurance adjuster. The terms of a policy may exclude coverage during certain months of the year. Riders should be true to their word and not ride during non-covered months in order to collect their full benefits in case of an accident.

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