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How To Decrease Your Risk Of Motorcycle Theft


Insurance companies will sometimes offer premium discounts or lower motorcycle insurance quotes when you invest in certain safety measures to prevent motorcycle theft. Before shopping for motorcycle insurance quotes, be sure you are properly equipped with anti-theft devices for your motorcycle.

A basic defense against the possible theft of your motorcycle is a steering lock. A steering lock will prevent any effortless measures in maneuvering your bike, thereby discouraging thieves from stealing your motorcycle. It is highly recommended you invest in two separate locks: one for the steering lock and another for the ignition lock. This gives any thief a greater obstacle when attempting motorcycle theft.

When leaving it on a parking lot or any public area, be sure to secure your bike to a fixed structure to avoid the easiest and most common way of robbing a motorcycle-taking the entire bike with its chains, and placing it in a getaway vehicle. No matter how noticeable the spot you have chosen to secure your bike in, never be complacent. If there are no solid and sturdy structures to anchor your bike into, you can lock your bike to another bike, if a companion is with you.

It is the aim of thieves to steel bikes in order to sell its parts. To avoid them from taking any interest in your bike, mark your bike's parts. This will make your bikes less attractive; and if ever your bike still gets stolen, its marked parts will increase the chances of the bike being recovered. Many motorcycles already come with this security system as a standard. To easily mark your bike, use can use an ultraviolet pen. Securely marking your motorcycle parts with the vehicle identification number (VIN), post code and registration number will make your bike easier to trace. This will also deter thieves, since marked parts serve as hard evidence when they get caught stealing your bike.

Fit your bike with a motorcycle alarm, readily available from any bike or DIY shops. Make the alarm conspicuous. And of course, never leave your keys. Even if you are just planning to leave your bike for a few seconds, never be confident that motorcycle theft can't happen. Also, be sure to have a record of your key number, which is stamped on the lock. Should you lose your keys, knowing its number will help you replace it at a lower cost. It's important also to keep your key number confidential.

Anti-theft practices and devices are worth investing in; do not rely, however, on these material things alone. Common sense and presence of mind are equally important.

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