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How To Ask Your Motorcycle Insurance Company For Lower Rates


Motorcycle insurance quotes are easily found online and, with the competitiveness being fostered by the preponderance of motorcycle insurance companies now doing business on the Internet, better price deals are not hard to locate. As a result, insurance companies have to work harder to not only attract new customers, but to retain the business of current clients. As with most things today, the Internet gives those looking for motorcycle insurance price deals leverage during negotiations.

Motorcycle insurance companies are well aware that if one of their policyholders becomes disenfranchised with rates or customer service, they can easily opt to go elsewhere. Because of this, many are willing to offer discounts, incentives and other extras meant to give clients a reason to stay, especially long-term customers with a history of paying their premiums in a timely fashion and not making expensive claims on their policies. They will, however, not generally offer these discounts or incentives unless directly asked to do so. This is something you may want to do.

Some motorcycle insurance carriers openly advertise various discounts available to policyholders. These may include price breaks for mature drivers, for attending defensive driving school, for insuring multiple vehicles or even for carrying your homeowners or life insurance policies with the same provider that underwrites your motorcycle coverage. One way to ask your insurer for lower rates is to simply inquire as to what discounts are available to lessen the amount you're currently paying for premiums. By going online and obtaining competitive motorcycle insurance quotes, you can enter these negotiations forearmed with the evidence of other providers offering more attractive rates.

Some companies reward customer loyalty with decreased premium rates while others may offer discounts to new customers switching their coverage from a different carrier. Some agents may even be able to offer lower motorcycle insurance quotes by electing to forgo a portion of their commission payments. This depends upon the agent and the company with which they are affiliated.

The point is, without asking the question you won't know the answer. Simply ask your insurance person what you can do to lower the cost of your policy but still retain your required level of protection. If he or she recommends increasing the deductible amounts on your collision and comprehensive coverage, let it be known that you realize higher deductibles translate into lower premiums, but that this discount is available from every motorcycle insurance company out there. Ask what can be done for you specifically, as a means of retaining your valuable business. For any insurance company, a little profit is better than no profit at all. If they can't meet your expectations, maybe it's time to shop elsewhere.

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