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How To Access Motorcycle Insurance Quotes For Japanese Imports


Motorcycle insurance quotes can be gathered different ways, although the most popular method has become use of the Internet to comparison shop online. Going to the Yellow Pages Directory, which has now become the 'old fashioned method', can certainly give you an idea of who in the area sells bike insurance and you might want to make a few phone calls to get some ballpark figures on insuring one of the latest Japanese imports.

Japanese imports, which absolutely dominate the motorcycle market, can be fast and furious and it's not uncommon for one, especially in the hands of an inexperienced rider, to last fewer than a thousand miles before being trashed in a crash. Insurance companies have all the facts and figures regarding levels of risk in insuring vehicles and motorcycles often figure on the risky end of their scale.

Getting motorcycle quotes online can make your job of finding just the right policy easier and quicker than the Yellow Pages route and all the better-known insurance providers maintain websites that make it easy to input a little data and get a quote. Doing this several times should give you some prices and information to compare. Better yet, you can visit one of the motorcycle insurance comparison sites that will do the comparing for you and supply you with a list of companies offering policies and for what price.

Buying motorcycle insurance for Japanese imports is no different than buying coverage for a bike made in the United States, Germany, Italy or China, other than the relative value of each. If a rider is only interested in satisfying the legal requirements of insuring against liability, then various policies should be fairly similar. But the wisdom of buying strict liability protection for a two-wheeled vehicle should be reconsidered. Even a small mishap on a bike can cause serious damage to both rider and machine.

Owning and riding one of the many big-bore Japanese imports can be exciting. Technology has come a long way since the old Triumphs, Indians, Nortons and BMWs lost their popularity to the likes of Japanese powerhouse manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki. The motorcycle wars between these Japanese titans have had to be throttled back since these companies are now capable of producing bikes that approach 300 miles per hour. Motorcycle insurance quotes on bikes that can go that fast are going to be high, especially with full comprehensive and collision added in. Manufacturers became convinced that if they didn't slow the bikes down they'd eventually be outlawed.

If your car insurance company also insures bikes you might be able to just add the additional coverage to your existing policy.

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