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Motorcycle insurance quotes can be found down the block or online. In fact, you can go online to find local quotes. If you're interested in find a local agent, you have a few options at your disposal.

You can use the old reliable local telephone directory to find an agency. That's a safe, quick choice. Have all your paperwork in front of you, including your driver's license, your motorcycle registration or title, and any receipts for custom options you may have added. Choose the top three to five companies from the directory. Don't just pick from the biggest display ads. Select a few large companies and a couple smaller ones. Try a mix of national and local carriers to get the most representative spread.

When you call to get your quotes, expect to spend twenty minutes on the phone with each company. First they'll ask for your license number, the motorcycle's vehicle identification number, its value, and condition. Then they'll ask about your driving habits. They'll need to know how far and how often you drive your motorcycle. They'll ask where you park it at night and whether or not you have a garage to protect it from hit and run drivers, theft, or vandals.

For the purposes of your first motorcycle insurance quotes, your local company will take your word when you assign a value to your bike. However, if you claim extra customizations and want them to be covered, you may need to take your motorcycle to the agency. Your agent might visit you to do an appraisal if that is more convenient. Having all your receipts will strengthen your case, as will your original bill of sale. Add customized motorcycle insurance to your policy if you have a great deal invested in upgrades. That will cover having it customized again if it gets hit.

After getting a few local quotes, do yourself a favor and check one more local spot-your computer. Go online and check a few insurance companies' websites. Once again, a mix of large and small firms will show the greatest variation. Be sure to try one of the new sites that permit you to compare the prices of a few companies at one time. It's a nice convenience and you're not obligated to buy from that website even though you use their service. Most likely you'll find prices in the same neighborhood as you found in your initial search.

For most insurance needs, online or local quotes are pretty comparable. If you feel that your motorcycle deserves the attention that a local agency would give you, then use a local company. Whatever you choose, be sure to shop carefully and choose wisely.

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