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How The Ballpark Model Of Motorcycle Insurance Works


There are quite a few different theories on which types of motorcycle insurance offers the best coverage. States often legislate motorcycle insurance very differently, which leads to a wide discrepancy in the cost of insurance quotes for motorcycles from one state to the next. As such, states spend a lot of time and energy trying to find the best possible insurance model. One of the newer arguments for insurance reform comes from proponents of no-fault systems, who argue for a ballpark model of motorcycle insurance.

The ballpark model of motorcycle insurance holds that when a biker is involved in an accident, he should pay for all of his own medical bills and damages to his gear and bike, regardless of whether or not he caused the accident. The idea of the ballpark model comes from baseball, where any person hit by a ball or injured in any other way must pay for their own bills--the ballpark won't foot the cost of medical treatment because the injured person took a risk by coming to the game. Likewise, motorcyclists take a risk when they get on the road. This is in contrast to the Disneyland model of insurance, which holds that any liable party should cover the costs of the accident that they caused.

Some states like Florida legislate insurance law based on this ballpark model of insurance. Rather than force motorcycle owners and car drivers to buy liability coverages, the state of Florida requires personal injury and property protection. Minor accidents don't go to court in these no-fault states; instead, their costs are covered by the insurance companies of the involved parties. There's usually a possibility for an exception to the no fault rule, particularly with major accidents. In theory, using this ballpark model should result in lower insurance quotes, as fewer cases are handled by traffic court systems and insurance companies spend less money on representation. No fault states often have lower insurance quotes than "tort" states, which operate on a more traditional system. However, opponents to the ballpark model claim that it's inherently unfair, and the extra cost of insurance in tort states is well worth the extra protection that it provides.

When you look for motorcycle insurance quotes, you should make sure that you know how your state's insurance system works. Some states actually offer a choice between no fault and tort systems, although this is rare. With an understanding of the ballpark model, it can be easier to find low insurance quotes, and you'll cultivate a much better understanding of how your policy works to protect you and your motorcycle.

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