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Just as your health insurance will give you a discount if you're a non-smoker, insurance companies who offer motorbike insurance prefer bikers who perform regular motorcycle maintenance. In fact, most insurance companies offer a discount for riders who pass safe biking courses, which include motorcycle maintenance and pre-ride safety checklists.

A safety checklist is an important part of any motorcycle's maintenance plan. Before you take your bike out, you need to run through a few things to make sure your trip will be safe and fun. Your tires must be properly inflated, free of debris, with no foreign objects, like nails. No matter what happens on your bike, you need your tires to be safe.

Test the controls and cables to be sure they're working correctly. Although they rarely tear, they may get stiff or develop a kink. Look for anything unusual in their operation. They should flex smoothly. Check the battery, oil, and other fluids every month. Try the headlights, turn signals, and the brake light as part of your pre-ride routine. Roll forward and back and test the brakes to make sure they grab and hold.

Keep your bike clean. Dirt and grease can conceal problems or cause poor performance. Have any regular maintenance performed by a professional, not your friend. Pay cash to a licensed mechanic so you know the work will be performed correctly. Always carry the owner's manual and a tool kit when you ride. You never know when you'll need the tools. If you do need them, the manual will tell you what to troubleshoot if you break down. If you get a flat tire, the manual will explain how to repair it. Keep the screws and bolts tightly adjusted. Keep the chain oiled and correctly tightened.

Another part of maintenance is keeping your bike safe from theft and vandalism. You should garage your motorcycle nightly to keep it away from thieves, hit and run drivers, and vandals. Your bike will not develop rust if it is parked in your garage. That will keep the controls working properly, so you stay upright on your bike.

It's vital that you keep your motorcycle tuned and running at its peak. Bikers are already more vulnerable than other drivers on the road. Studies have shown that when compared to automobile drivers, motorcyclists have more accidents per mile driven. This is mostly due to other drivers being unable to see the smaller bikes when they're in the blind spot.

If you take care of your motorcycle, your insurance company will return the favor. They will reward your diligence with lower motorbike insurance rates.

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