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How New Laws Could Affect Florida Motorcycle Insurance Quotes


Individuals looking to compare motorcycle insurance may want to think about how recent laws can affect motorcycle insurance quotes. In Florida, individuals have always been required to obtain PIP -- or personal injury protection -- however, new laws have changed how that insurance is handled.

Under the new law, Florida motorcyclists will have only 14 days -- two weeks -- to visit a doctor using PIP coverage if they believe they have been injured in an accident, regardless of fault. After those two weeks, the PIP insurance company does not have to pay for any injury sustained. The legislation also allows individuals to sue their insurance companies if they do not cover injuries that they should have covered because those injuries were sustained during a motorcycle accident.

Because insurance companies may now be more fearful of litigation, motorcycle insurance quotes are likely to go up. Due to the new law, individuals who have decided to compare motorcycle insurance may see a hike in prices. The reasoning behind this hike is relatively clear: insurance companies know they are likely to face more lawsuits, which means more legal fees, court fees, and attorney's fees. Because of this, they hike their prices, hoping to pass along these fees to the consumer.

Fortunately, motorcyclists won't have to worry too much about the rising costs. Though quotes will likely represent larger premiums, the changes may not be that significant. Additionally, not all insurance companies will see rate hikes. Some insurance companies may not raise their rates in order to encourage new customers to sign on with them.

Individuals looking for motorcycle insurance can still get a comparable quote to see which insurance companies' prices have been affected most by the new law. This quote will help them make the best decision for them regarding insurance costs. Also, motorcycle insurance consumers should remember that regardless of new legislation, driving safely and responsibly always means a lower quote.

New Florida laws are affecting how much motorcyclists pay for their insurance, but the cost increase may not be significant. The significance depends on the insurance company and the individual's driving record. To try to keep costs low, cyclists can do things like taking safety courses, avoiding accidents and showing responsibility in other areas of their lives -- like finances.

Still, to know why rates may be changing, Florida bikers need to stay on top of the Florida laws. This way, they will have a better understanding of the differences in the rates when they compare motorcycle insurance or look for motorcycle insurance quotes. Motorcyclists should remember that an informed customer is generally a happier -- and wealthier -- customer.

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