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How New Bikes Can Help Lower The Cost Of Motorcycle Insurance


Excluding life insurance, the general rule of thumb for any kind of insurance is the newer something is, the more it will cost to insure. Usually new means more expensive, and since insurance is based on value, it only makes sense that it would cost more. However, sometimes there is an exception to the rule. Motorcycle insurance rates can actually go down with a new bike. New bikes with great safety features and alarm systems can offer reward by way of insurance premiums.

New bikes are certainly not all created equal in the eyes of insurance providers. The make and model of a bike will bear considerable consequence to the motorcycle insurance rates. When shopping for a new bike it is always best to make the most informed decision. An important part of being informed is knowing what to expect as far as insurance cost. The very best advice to keep insurance rates down is to request information from the insurance provider beforehand.

It is amazing how often people forget to use the most obvious resource to get what they want. In order to get the best motorcycle insurance rates it will most likely help to ask the provider how to get them. Providers are used to hearing these types of questions, and can offer tremendous help in achieving the goal. Also, it is likely they will be readily armed with a list of motorcycles that offer the best rates. This is a great plan for anyone shopping around for a new bike.

When looking at new bikes consider things like anti-theft devices. These often bring discounts as far as motorcycle insurance rates. Sometimes a higher value motorcycle can be insured for less cost because of discounts for great safety features and alarm systems. Knowing the safety features should be a top priority when shopping for a bike as it is, but even more so because of how it affects the cost of insurance.

Motorcycle riders are more prone to injury from an accident than most other drivers. For this reason safety issues are a major factor for increased liability. Increased liability means high motorcycle insurance rates. However, over time safety features are improving, therefore lowering the liability associated with the bike.

The misconception that a new motorcycle means higher priced insurance premiums is likely to prove the prediction as correct. This means that one expecting to pay more probably will. Nobody should expect to save money without effort. Saving money rarely happens by accident. In order to keep motorcycle insurance rates down with the purchase of a new bike, one needs to do a little research to make it happen.

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