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How Motorcycle Maintenance Can Lower Motorcycle Insurance Premiums


Regular motorcycle maintenance can help you enjoy reduced motorcycle insurance premiums. If your bike is kept in good condition, it will be safer for you to drive, which means that it will be less expensive to insure.

Performing motorcycle maintenance on your bike can be as simple as changing the oil or checking the tires for wear once a month. When you are regularly looking over your engine, tires, turn signals, and other moving parts of your motorcycle, you can be confident that the bike is going to operate properly when you take it out on the road. Since motorcycle engines are exposed to the open air, they require a little more attention than a traditional car or truck engine. All you need to do is follow the scheduled maintenance guidelines listed in your owner's manual to keep your bike on the road and out of the shop.

Some engine problems begin as very small things that could be overlooked if you did not have the bike regularly maintained. These small problems can become unexpected emergencies if they are not detected early enough. Regular maintenance can save you from expensive repairs that could have been avoided. If you change out parts that are worn before they begin to break down, you will never be in a situation where the part fails while the motorcycle is in operation. Your bike will be much safer to drive.

Proper motorcycle maintenance also lowers your motorcycle insurance premiums because it keeps your motorcycle running smoothly for a longer time. As your motorcycle ages, the insurance costs will go down because the bike will cost less to repair or replace. Regular maintenance could add several years to the life of your motorcycle. Every extra year that your bike is on the road brings with it another rate reduction after the first three years. You will also get to enjoy riding the motorcycle that you are familiar with for many more years because of the maintenance that you performed regularly.

One of the most important ways that regular motorcycle maintenance lowers your motorcycle insurance premiums is by keeping you off of the side of the road. When engine problems are dealt with during routine maintenance, they will not need to be dealt with when you are out riding your motorcycle. It is extremely dangerous for a motorcycle rider to stand on the side of the road waiting for assistance because motorcycles are so difficult to see. The best way to avoid being hit by a car when you are on the side of the road is to reduce the risk of ever breaking down.

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