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How Motorcycle Insurance Rates Are Affected By Driving Records


The simple fact is that per mile driven, statistically speaking, motorcycles are involved in more accidents than automobiles. This makes motorcycle drivers more expensive and riskier to insure than automobile drivers. To compound matters, add to this that several states in the United States still do not require that motorcycle drivers carry motorcycle insurance, and there is an ongoing grey area when it comes to understanding how motorcycle accidents affect motorcycle insurance rates and driving records.

Motorcycle drivers have more accidents because drivers are more exposed - as opposed to four walls and a roof protecting occupants. With a motorcycle there is only the gear the cyclist chooses to don. Helmets and protective jackets, gloves, leggings and footwear are often perceived as cosmetic enhancements or detractions rather than necessary safety attire, which bodes ill for the fragile driver should an accident occur. This also leads to higher motorcycle insurance premiums after an accident since injuries are often severe when a motorcycle driver is involved. For automobile operators, motorcycles on the road are smaller, quicker, and much harder to spot, which makes risk of being involved in a motorcycle related accident much greater.

When a motorcycle operator is involved in an accident, upon being reported, it impacts the operator's driving records in the same way that being involved in an automobile accident does. Motorcycle insurance rates are calculated similarly to automobile insurance rates regardless of whether the state the operator resides in requires a motorcycle operator to carry motorcycle insurance. When evaluating how much to charge an applicant, motorcycle insurers will look at the age and gender of the operator, safety and garaging arrangements for the bike, common driving patterns and weather conditions, driving records and driver history, age and make and model of motorcycle. Here insurers will also factor in any add-ons or customizations, including engine size, vintage status and other factors that will affect the insurer's risk should the bike be lost, vandalized, stolen or involved in an accident.

What this means for operators who are seeking motorcycle insurance is the same as what it would mean for an individual seeking auto insurance. Be safe on the road, buy only as many bike accessories as the budget for motorcycle insurance rates make affordable, take every precaution before operating the motorcycle, ask lots of questions and shop around for the best price. Don't forget to take important motorcycle safety (and often insurance-lowering) classes, and maintain excellent driving records as a motorcycle operator. Following these simple steps will ensure motorcycle insurance that protects drivers and passengers on the road in the event that an accident occurs and keeps the motorcycle operator's mindset in "safety first" mode at all times.

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