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How Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Vary From Car Insurance Quotes


Car insurance and motorcycle insurance are two entirely different animals - anyone who has ridden a bike and insured it will know this to be the absolute truth. While motorcycles offer a great deal more freedom than cars when it comes to connection to the road and pure, out and out fun, this comes at a cost reflected in the price of motorcycle insurance quotes. There are a number of reasons that motorcycle insurance quotes vary so much from car insurance quotes, and while there are some things that motorcycle riders can do to mitigate the costs of these quotes, all of the training and preparation in the world will not completely zero out the difference between car and motorcycle insurance.

The most important difference in car insurance and motorcycle insurance quotes lies in the dangers to the rider associated with riding a motorcycle. Insurance companies operate on the basis of risk, and a rider on the back of a motorcycle, even in full leathers and with a helmet on, represents risk. This is because no matter how great a driver the motorcycle operator may be, other cars in traffic may strike him or her, and once a motorcycle has been hit, it is extremely likely that it will crash. Even with full safety gear, any crash at high speed can severely injure a rider and necessitate the use of insurance in order to pay for the medical bills. Because of this possibility for injury, insurance companies will always asses motorcycle insurance at a higher rate than that of car insurance

As well, motorcycle insurance will be higher because of the necessary repairs to the bike. Many motorbikes cost the same or more than standard cars, especially ones that are specialized or foreign-made. A crash will almost certainly damage a bike, and the cost to repair or replace parts can be staggering. In order to off-set this cost, motorcycle insurance quotes are far higher than those for cars. Even paint can be expensive on motorbikes, with companies owning the right to specific shades of blue or red. Due to the inherent expense in fixing a motorbike, riders can always expect to pay more for insurance.

Both the human and mechanical factors affect the price of motorcycle insurance and cause it to cost far more than its automotive counterpart. With training and experience, the costs of this insurance can be lowered, but they will never be as reasonable as car insurance, as the risks presented by riding are simply too high. So long as riders know this going into their purchase of a motorbike, they can find quotes that are at least reasonable, if not cheap.

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