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If you're the type to hit the road on two wheels, roaring down the highway 6 inches off the ground, you've probably bought motorcycle insurance before. You know that if you have a history of traffic violations or accidents, your motorcycle insurance quotes will keep increasing, due to the costly premiums racked onto your policy. Maybe you were reckless when you were young, maybe you had an accident in the family car, or maybe you let your insurance lapse-any of these will result in a high motorcycle insurance quotes. However, if you take your time when you're getting your motorcycle insurance quote, if you tune your insurance coverage the way you tune your bike on a summer morning--you can beat the heat of high premiums and enjoy the hazy parts of summer.

Before you get any online insurance quotes, take a good look at your bike. Is it more than you need for transportation? Can you get by with a smaller bike-one that would be less expensive to insure? One fast way to deal with costly premiums is to downsize your motorcycle, as painful as that may be, especially if you had it customized. At least if you downsize, you can lower your insurance cost and keep riding.

If things aren't so bad that you need to get another bike, the next thing you'll want to do is check all your state's laws regulating the required limits on liability coverage. That's the base figure you'll need when you get your quote. You'll want to add as much liability coverage as you can comfortably afford. A lawsuit will set you back far more than an insurance policy will. It can bankrupt you.

Collision insurance covers the expense of repairing your motorcycle after an accident. Consider not buying collision insurance if your bike isn't worth more than a few thousand dollars. If you know your bike isn't going to be repaired, you might drive more safely. Set a high deductible to lower the premium if your bike is very valuable or if you bought it through a bank. In the latter case, full coverage is required to protect the bike on the bank's behalf too.

Comparison shopping will lead you in the right direction to avoid costly premiums. There are websites that calculate the rates for a few companies. That's the best way to find a starting point. Call a local agency and ask them if they can beat the lowest quote you found. If they think they can snag a new customer, they may be willing to beat the online quote, especially if you add a car or truck. You've already done most of the work.

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