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It's not unusual for a musician to have two kinds of guitars, such as an electric and an acoustic. Baseball players use different gloves to play third base or first base. Motorcycle lovers use dirt bikes for sport and street bikes for transportation. They use mid-sized bikes to get around the city and touring bikes to span the nation. If you have a few motorcycles in your garage, you might want to check into fleet coverage when you obtain motorcycle insurance quotes.

Fleet or mini-fleet coverage can cover a collection of up to twelve vehicles more efficiently and cheaper than having an individual policy for each vehicle. Cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles can all be combined on the same fleet policy. The premium for the fleet policy will be lower than the total of the individual polices as well.

Along with the benefit of lower cost, a fleet policy has the built-in advantage of the attention of a special insurance agent, a fleet specialist. A fleet specialist has a good overview of your fleet and can tailor your motorcycle insurance quotes accordingly. Your fully dressed bikes may have additional customized motorcycle insurance. Since it is larger and can cause more damage, your SUV may have more liability coverage.

Not only can the coverage limits be set for each fleet member, some drivers can be restricted from certain vehicles by age or name. A restricted mini-fleet policy can be a less expensive way for a family with several drivers and vehicles to cover everybody and every vehicle.

Businesses can also make use of a mini-fleet plan. If you have a fleet of dirt bikes that you rent to folks at a track, you can insure the bikes as a fleet. If you have ten motorcycles being used by couriers in your city, they can be insured as a mini-fleet. If your company has a car pool, you can set up coverage for every staff member who has the right to use a pool vehicle.

When you insure numerous items with numerous policies from one or more companies, you end up paying several charges repeatedly. Each policy will have a service charge and other costs of doing business built into the price. If you have one policy for all the vehicles, you only pay those fees once.

A mini-fleet policy makes sense for the motorcycle lover with a bike collection. The more expensive, vintage bikes can have their own collision limits based on their value. The group of bikes can share the same amount of liability coverage. It's also a great option for a family with a few types of vehicles and drivers. If you have one policy, you only have one bill.

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