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How Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Advertise Retail Motorbike Shops


In today's competitive economy, it is not at all uncommon for motorbike shops and motorcycle insurance quotes to collaborate to obtain and retain customers. It can be highly lucrative for busy insurance agencies to negotiate with local or chain motorcycle repair facilities and parts and accessories outlets to do all of their repair work in exchange for a discounted rate on supplies and labor. This provides more business for the repair facility and their employees, and better insurance rates that the insurance agency can turn around and offer to prospective customers, thus giving them an edge over their competition as well. In challenging economic times, what is called cooperative advertising in this manner has become the standard for efficiency, which is why it is increasingly more common.

There are several ways this can work. One way is when a motorcycle operator purchases the standard comprehensive and collision insurance rider. Upon asking the question of how repairs, parts, and accessories are handled, the operator is informed that the insurer has a network of "approved" facilities in each geographic area that must perform all accident damage assessments prior to the insurer giving approval for the work to be done. This essentially forces the insurance policyholder to go to one of those facilities - often local motorbike shops, authorized motorcycle dealerships, or independent repair facilities - to get approval for accessing their insurance repair benefits.

Another way this might work is that the insured may be instructed that certain manufacturers have been approved as the "official parts and accessories suppliers" for repair to motorcycles covered under the insurance policy. By using these official manufacturers, where special rates have already been pre negotiated between the motorcycle repair facility and the insurance agency, insurance payout money stretches further than trying to obtain and install the replacement parts independently.

There are also lucrative cooperative advertising partnerships that can form between insurance agencies and retail motorbike shops. For instance, while shopping for insurance there may be two names linked together a number of times, even in the form of a testimonial or endorsement, such as "ZYX Insurance Company is a Proud Sponsor of the XYZ Motorcycle Shop Annual Fun Race for Charity," or "XYZ Motorcycle Shop is Proud to Recommend Quotes by ZYX Insurance Company for All of Our Customers' Insurance Needs." This can be replicated online, in local print and media advertisements, and anywhere it can be of benefit to both insurance agency and motorcycle facility. It saves each company money on necessary advertising expense, drives in more customers by cross-referring, and helps keep motorcycle insurance quotes and costs lower to better leverage both companies for success against their competitors.

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