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How Motorcycle Insurance Policies Cover Bike Upgrades And Enhancements


A customer shopping for motorcycle insurance policies might wonder how the policy would cover bike upgrades. Many motorcycle owners make expensive custom enhancements to their motorcycles. Naturally, the owner of a customized bike wishes to be sure that they are fully protected in the event their motorcycle is stolen, damaged or involved in an accident. In order to obtain proper coverage, there are three types of insurance that the customer should be sure are on his policy.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is the type of insurance that will pay for damage to a motorcycle which is not caused by a collision. Generally, this would be damage resulting from events such as theft or vandalism of the bike, weather incidents such a wind and water, fire, objects falling from the sky, and animal strike. Often, there will be a deductible amount that applies which is the insured's responsibility.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is the kind of insurance that will pay for damage to a motorcycle that is caused by a collision. An accident with another vehicle or a fixed object would be considered a collision. Collision usually pays for "Actual Cash Value" which is the value of the motorcycle in the market where the insured lives. Collision pays for damage after the deductible amount is applied.

Custom Parts and Equipment (CPE)

The addition of customized parts or equipment requires an additional upgrade to the customer's policy over basic comprehensive and collision coverage. Custom parts and equipment covers permanently installed equipment, electronics and paint. The customer would be charged an additional premium on their motorcycle insurance policy in order to properly insure their bike upgrades. Custom parts and equipment is offered not in lieu of, but in addition to, comprehensive and collision coverage.

There are several important points that the customer should know about CPE insurance. First, it is usually purchased to protect any upgrades and customizations that were not offered by the original manufacturer. Original parts and equipment will be covered under the Collision coverage of the policy. Second, this insurance protects custom equipment that is located in both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. So it would cover custom parts and equipment such as handle bars, tires, and radio equipment. Finally, CPE insurance would pay for custom paint jobs or decals that have been added to the motorcycle.

Motorcycle insurance policies do cover damage to customized parts and equipment, so long as the customer has ensured that they carry the proper coverage under their motorcycle insurance policy. A customer should review his policy and contact his insurance company to make sure that his bike upgrades are protected under Custom Parts and Equipment insurance.

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