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How Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Tackles Repairs And Accidents


Motorcycle insurance coverage operates under the same guiding principles as typical auto insurance, but often at a higher cost. As motorcycles are more expensive to repair and can be damaged quite easily in accidents, insurance companies will charge a larger monthly premium in order to offset these potential losses. Repairs and accidents are the staples of any insurance company, but the goal is to limit the amount of repairs paid for and ensure that they do not carry drivers that have a large number of accidents on file. Although the basic functions of insurance companies remain the same on either side of the vehicular fence, the way that repairs and accidents are handled for motorcycle drivers can be quite different than those for car drivers.

The process begins in the same way - after an accident, an insured will call their company to make a claim. The company will want a detailed statement about what happened as well as a police report to be filed if the damage is significant or there are injuries to either party. From there, the insurance providers of the two involved will discuss both fault and payment, and will come back with an offer or a request for more information. From there, it is essential that the instructions of the insurance company be followed in order to most effectively complete the claims process.

When it comes to motorcycle insurance coverage, the initial process will be the same, but the procedure may change when it comes time to have the motorcycle repaired. In some situations, there are only certain dealers or the motorcycle manufactures themselves that will have access to specialized parts or to a particular paint color. If this is the case, an adjustor must not only assess the value of the damage to the motorcycle, but factor in the cost of replacing a brand-name part or paint color, and this can be a great deal more expensive than auto insurance repairs. Motorcycles will also require a more thorough inspection to determine their total damage as well as verify their repairs. These factors combined lead to higher insurance rates for motorcycle drivers in order to maintain the same level of service.

While motorcycle insurance coverage may be more expensive, it serves the same function as auto insurance but with the ability to address the unique needs of motorcycles and their riders. Before purchasing any insurance policy, it is worthwhile to investigate how an insurance provider handles motorcycle collisions and just how they will treat a repair situation. Finding the right provider can make all of the difference when it comes to getting a motorcycle repaired.

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