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How Geography Affects Your Motorcycle Insurance Premiums


Motorcycle insurance premiums are some of the most expensive in the vehicle market, and it is almost a truism to say that discount motorcycle insurance is difficult if not impossible to find. The risk of riding a motorcycle is far greater than that taken on when someone gets behind the wheel of a car, owing in large part to the fact that car drivers on the road can injure or kill a motorcycle rider no matter how careful they may be or how well they ride their bike. This is the leading cause of the higher cost of motorcycle insurance premiums, but there are a number of other reasons that discount motorcycle insurance is difficult to locate, and one of these is geography.

While things such as rider experience, the type of motorcycle being driven and accident history all play a role in determining the overall cost of insurance for a motorbike rider, the area an insurance client lives in can also play a role in a number of ways. If, for example, a motorcycle rider lives in a northern climate, snow is very real possibility for a good portion of the year. This means that motorcycle insurance premiums will increase should they choose to keep their bike on the road during the months leading up to or even during winter as there is an increased chance for injury or death. Similarly, if a rider lives in a heavily populated urban area, their costs for insurance will rise as the sheer number of cars on the road will increase their chance of even a minor accident, and when it comes to motorcycles, even a slow-speed collision can result in a severely damaged bike or hospitalized rider.

The safety of a geographic area also comes into play, including things like where the bike is parked and how it is stored. If a bike is parked on a main street that suffers from high rates of theft and vandalism, an insurance company will look at it as a greater risk as there is a higher chance that they will be called upon to pay out for damages to the vehicle. In addition, if a bike is not stored in a locked shed or parking garage in a neighborhood where theft is rampant, especially if it is a new or expensive bike, an insurance company will view it as a higher risk to ensure.

Geographic location including weather and crime in the area can have a significant impact on the costs of motorcycle insurance for riders, and it is worth comparing several options in order to find a provider that offers reasonable insurance for your local area.

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