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Buying motorcycle insurance is never the most fun part of owning and operating a motorcycle. Motorcycle enthusiasts crave their two wheeled companions because of the thrill of gunning the engine, racing away into the sunset, motorcycle culture and community, and a host of other inviting aspects of owning a bike. However, there are some housekeeping items that can ensure the experience of owning and operating a motorcycle is as safe and responsible as it is fun and free wheeling. When seeking a used motorcycle quote in particular, there are certain considerations that come into play that may affect whether to buy a new or used bike, how to examine a used bike before purchase, what to look for, and what if any cost savings to expect when choosing a used over a new motorcycle.

Buying a used motorcycle in and of itself is often assumed to represent an automatic motorcycle insurance cost savings when it comes to seeking out and choosing a used motorcycle quote. However, this will depend in part on the type of bike being purchased. Used custom bikes, vintage bikes, bikes with larger than average-sized engines, bikes that will be garaged in locations deemed to be less than safe or outright unsafe, bikes with modifications or after market parts, and other considerations may increase motorcycle insurance costs even over what it might cost to insure a new bike which has a more standard configuration.

In addition, it is critical to ensure that the used motorcycle being purchased has been properly maintained and is safe to own and operate. Checking the used motorcycle thoroughly for wear and tear, including engine safety and maintenance, examining the bike cosmetically for any signs of past major repairs or accidents, and taking a ride to notice how it handles and whether it feels reliable and comfortable under different weather conditions, can be key to identifying potential issues that may cause expensive accidents and accompanying insurance expenses.

Motorcycle owners will experience the greatest cost savings in motorcycle insurance when buying a used motorcycle over a new bike when the used bike being purchased has a standard engine, is in excellent condition with an updated maintenance schedule, has not been involved in any accidents or experienced any alterations or after market additions, is garaged in a safe and secure location, and will be operated by a responsible driver with a clean driving history. In this ideal scenario the apples to apples cost savings between insuring a new bike of this description and a used bike of the same description can be significant and worth the extra time to seek out a quality used bike for sale.

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