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How Being A Safe Driver Translates Into Motorcycle Insurance Savings


There are a number of reasons to ride a motorcycle safely. The most obvious is that this will result in a lower chance of an accident, and certainly a lower chance of an at-fault accident that could cause a motorcycle owner a tremendous amount of money. What's more, instant motorcycle insurance quotes from insurance websites and other sources are largely determined by a driver's history. Safe riders stand a much better chance of reaping motorcycle insurance savings, including special discount programs offered by some insurance providers.

Safe bike owners see major benefits because insurance companies are primarily interested in controlling their risks. Bike owners who rack up a number of speeding tickets and accidents on their records are obviously a greater risk, but many bikers don't realize exactly how much of a difference a citation or accident can make in their rates. Insurance companies use detailed actuarial tables to accurately decide whether a biker has a better than average chance of being involved in an insurance claim, and because of these tables, a speeding ticket can cause a jump of 20% or more in motorcycle insurance premiums. Any biker who's received a ticket can attest to the costly nature of dangerous driving, and in many cases, the cost of the traffic citation itself pales in comparison to the long-term costs of insurance premiums.

If a biker builds up experience on his or her bike without getting any tickets or making any insurance claims, the motorcycle insurance savings can be immense. Many motorcycle insurance companies offer huge discounts to these drivers, as they're seen as low-risk investments from an insurance point of view. Insurance providers will actually fight to keep the bikers' policies by offering lower rates and special incentives--especially when a biker tries to cancel a policy to switch to another insurance company. Many providers also have good driver discounts which can reduce the cost of a policy by a huge percentage. Bikers who take safety courses can reap further rewards for their low-risk behavior, and as the biker gets older and gains experience, bike insurance costs will keep going down.

Ultimately, driving a bike recklessly can cost an individual an enormous amount of money and puts the biker at unnecessary risk. Insurance companies aren't too interested in keeping the policies of high-risk riders, and some with a record of incidents may find their insurance policy cancelled. Safe bikers can find great deals online by looking for instant motorcycle insurance quotes from almost any provider, and by asking about discount programs, they can profit from the good habits that keep them out of trouble on the road.

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