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Going Above and Beyond Local Safety Regulations to Lower Your Premiums


The projected cost of motorcycle insurance quotes is largely based on two factors - the experience of the driver, and the safety features in place to protect the driver and their bike. While every state will have its own minimum regulations for bike riders and their vehicles, many riders choose to ignore some or all of these regulations when driving on a daily basis. This could not only result in injury to the driver themselves, but a minimal or no payout at all from an insurance company should they discover that standards are not being adhered to. For riders, it can be difficult to see a reason to conform to safety standards when low bike rates from insurance companies seem to be an impossible dream. What is often not mentioned on websites featuring general motorcycle insurance quotes is that increasing the safety of a bike, even beyond the standards required by state law, can result in substantially lower premiums.

Anything which helps to lower an insurance company's chance to have a claim filed is something they want to encourage. For that reason, many companies will offer premium discounts for things such as motorcycle training courses, parking a motorcycle safely in a garage or locked parking lot, and adding any extra security features which will prevent the bike from being quickly and easily stolen. But in addition to these more obvious discounts, providers also often offer low bike rates for those that are willing to go above and beyond state regulations.

Take helmets as an example. Almost every state requires that motorcycle riders wear helmets on the road. Other equipment such as gloves and jackets are not typically mandated to be worn by the state government. These items can be expensive, but are able to offer a rider a far greater level of protection than a simple t-shirt or bare hands should their bike take a spill. In exchange for wearing these items, many insurance providers offer not only coverage to help replace the clothing should it be damaged in an accident, but lower bike rates for those who are wearing it, as it lessens the chance of a large injury claim.

The key in obtaining any safety discount is to research what the state expects, call your insurance company to see what kind of rate they can offer, and then purchase and wear or install the necessary equipment. Under no circumstances, however, should a rider indicate that they are going to increase their safety while riding and then not follow through. An injury collision can be damaging enough to a driver without the specter of possible insurance fraud and non-payment of claims looming on the horizon.

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