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Learning motorcycle insurance facts can be fun and interesting, as many bike owners are somewhat unaware of the terms, conditions, and discounts that their insurance providers offer. Learning info about different insurance coverage types and the different factors that affect your bike's insurance rates is essential if you're really trying to take control of your policy. Whether you're looking for Harley insurance, Suzuki insurance, or anything else, here are a few helpful and fun facts to make insurance comparison a simpler process.

Most bikers realize that their insurance rates will change due to a ticket or an accident. However, many are unaware of exactly how extreme the change in premiums can be, particularly for a speeding ticket in excess of 10 MPH. A motorcycle insurance policy can increase by 20% or more after such a ticket, even if the rider doesn't have a history of violations. Repeat offenses can cause even more drastic increases in insurance policy costs. Another unlikely factor in your rates is the exact type of bike that you drive. Harley insurance may cost more if you select a bike model with a low safety rating. Actuarial tables come into play with bike models, too; if other motorcycle owners ride particularly recklessly with a certain type of bike, then insurance rates for that model will increase. For this reason, it's always a good idea to check insurance rates online before you decide to buy a bike.

Many bikers are also unaware of the discounts that insurance companies provide. Just as a ticket or accident can increase your rates drastically, insurance discounts can bring them back down. A good example is motorcycle training courses. Bike owners who complete these courses can receive much lower premiums, and most training courses are incredibly easy for an experienced biker to complete. There are often other discounts available, depending on your insurance provider, such as loyalty discounts (for bikers who keep an insurance policy with a certain company for a given length of time) and experience discounts. Always remember to ask your agent about discounts when setting up a policy.

To find out about other motorcycle insurance facts, read carefully over the insurance quotes that you receive. Ask your agent for tips in selecting appropriate amounts of coverage and limiting your policy premiums. Look for insurance quotes online and read insurance articles on a regular basis. No biker should have to overpay for insurance, and if you're willing to learn as much as possible about your policy, you can have much better control over your bike's insurance, both in cost and the amount of coverage that you pay for.

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