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Four Reasons Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Are More Expensive Than Car Insurance Quotes


Some people love the thrill of driving a motorcycle out on the open road. However, if you do not own Motorcycle Insurance you could end up in a lot more trouble than you expected. There are greater odds of dangers associated with motorcycle riding than with driving an automobile. Because of the dangers, there are four reasons why motorcycle quotes are more expensive than car insurance quotes.

One reason why motorcycle insurance rates are higher than automobiles is because they are an open air style of transportation, making them much more dangerous when involved in an accident. There is less protective metal between you and the elements. Safe drivers need to know that the risks can add up before shopping for a motorcycle insurance quote. Several studies suggest that a motorcycle driver is involved in an accident that causes serious injury every 14 seconds in the United States. Having the right motorcycle insurance policy could help protect you and those riding with you on the bike, or with you on the road, in the event of an accident by giving you the coverage you need. The second reason why your motorcycle insurance premium is more expensive than a car is that motorcycles are stolen every day and a quarter of those stolen bikes are never recovered. Since a motorcycle is more light-weight and easily portable, unlike a car, they are often the targets of theft.

The third reason that motorcycle insurance rates are more expensive than automobiles is also another reason that makes them more susceptible to theft. Often, motorcycles are full of custom pieces, paint jobs, and gear which make them attractive to thieves. Also, the more custom work you have done on your bike and the sportier it is, the more expensive your motorcycle insurance premium will be. Finding a good motorcycle insurance quote will help you decide what kind of coverage you want to have on your side in the event of the theft of your bike. The fourth reason that your motorcycle insurance premium is more expensive than a car is that the way you use your bike can be a big factor in how much you pay. If you use your bike for pleasure only, rather than for traveling back and forth to work, there will be a difference in premium costs. Most people buy motorcycles for pleasure and don't realize that buying the vehicle just for weekend rides can end up costing more than their car insurance rates.

Like any other type of insurance, your motorcycle coverage will be determined based on several different factors. When shopping for insurance remember the reasons why motorcycle quotes are more expensive than car insurance quotes.

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