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Finding Vandalism Insurance Protection For Your Motorcycle


For many motorcycle owners, their bike is one of their most prized possessions. In addition to consistent maintenance checks and constant performance monitoring, most bike owners also take a great deal of pride in making sure their motorcycle, no matter the make or type, looks the best it possibly can. This means detailed washing and cleaning on a regular basis, in addition to making sure all the parts that make up a bike are in top-working order, shiny and clean. Unfortunately, a well-appointed and shiny bike can pose a tempting target for vandals who may choose to damage or deface a bike when they discover they cannot steal it. For that reason, many motorcycle insurance quotes offer the option to include a larger than average amount of vandalism coverage, in order to protect the bike against unwanted assault.

Vandalism coverage operates in the same way as typical liability insurance-it will pay out should the conditions that govern it be met. In the specific case of vandalism, it may be a dollar value in repairs that must be reached before the coverage can be used, and using it may mean an increase in premiums. While most types of motorcycle coverage will include a basic amount of this coverage, it is often not enough to pay for the repair or re-issue of specialized parts, or paint that is only sold through the bike's brand-name supplier.

It is also worth noting the cost of vandalism insurance will in part determined by where the bike is parked and how it is taken care of. A motorcycle left on a populated street with easy public access will cost more to insure against vandalism than one that is parked in a locked or underground garage. Similarly, a bike that is ill-maintained or has no security features will be considered to for a higher likelihood of becoming a target, and will again mean higher premiums will have to be paid in order to access a greater level of coverage. In many cases, fixing vandalism can be cheaper without using an insurance policy, but for certain items or extensive damage, motorcycle insurance quotes that includes substantial vandalism coverage can save a driver a great deal of money.

While this type of coverage is not necessary for all owners, those with newer or refurbished bikes would do well to consider it. In the event a serious rash of vandalism occurs, it is worth having the peace of mind that comes along with an insurance policy dedicated to protecting a bike against just such damage; and adding greater depth to this type of coverage is often as simple as a phone call.

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