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Finding Reasonable Insurance Quotes For Foreign Motorcycles


Foreign motorcycles can be collectible and hold their value extremely well. What's more, they're a lot of fun to ride. However, many bike owners learn that motorcycle insurance costs for foreign bikes tend to be quite high. Finding a low cost insurance policy that still offers financial protection in the event of an accident can be very difficult, particularly if you've never owned a foreign motorcycle before. Here are a few tips to help you find a great policy for your foreign-built bike.

The first thing to think about when looking for quotes for foreign motorcycles is the cost of these vehicles. The more expensive the foreign motorcycle, the higher the cost of the comprehensive and collision insurance for the vehicle. This is because there's likely to be a higher rate of theft and the cost of a motorcycle insurance claim will be relatively higher as compared to American motorcycles. This may be somewhat negated by safety statistics; if your motorcycle is statistically safe, this will be reflected in the cost of personal injury protection, which is one of the most expensive forms of motorcycle insurance for many riders. There are a number of other variables that go into deciding insurance quotes, all of which are noted by insurance company actuarial tables.

You can find the motorcycle insurance costs for foreign motorcycles before you make a purchase by using online quote websites. Gather a list of a few of the motorcycles that you're thinking about buying. Using an insurance aggregate website, enter in information about your riding record, experience, and the motorcycle itself. You'll quickly see a number of insurance quotes from major insurance providers which you can use to make your decision. It's important to note that your exact motorcycle insurance quote may change slightly by the time that you buy your policy, but you'll get a good general idea of how much your motorcycle insurance costs will be for various vehicles. Be sure to consider as many quotes as possible before you make your decision - remember, motorcycle insurance is the biggest regular cost of bike ownership, so it pays to take the time to find a good policy.

Over time, it's a good idea to re-check motorcycle insurance quotes for your foreign motorcycles, as this will let you know whether the overall cost of insurance premiums is changing significantly. You'll be able to negotiate with your current insurer for lower rates by keeping an eye on insurance quotes, and as the price of your motorcycle goes up or down, you'll know what changes to expect in your monthly insurance premiums.

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