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Finding Motorcycle Insurance Quotes For Custom Made Motorbikes


One of the things that bikers love is building their own custom motorbikes. They love getting their hands dirty, buying parts for the bike and seeing their baby grow right in front of them. However, building custom bikes not only takes a lot of effort, it also involves a lot of money and time. And, no matter how careful you are while riding your custom motorbike, there are chances that something could go wrong. It could be accidental, theft or something worse. These are situations where a motorcycle insurance policy can be extremely useful. It can take care of your financial needs in the event of something unexpected. However, unlike car insurance or even typical motorcycle insurance coverage, the motorcycle insurance policy for custom motorbikes is slightly different and finding one can be difficult.

It is difficult to find insurance companies that cover custom motorbikes because these bikes lack Blue Book values. In other words, custom motorbikes are built by individuals or made from a kit or by an unrecognized custom bike shop. This makes it difficult to register custom motorbikes and in turn makes it difficult to insure them.

However, that does not mean finding motorcycle insurance policy for custom motorbikes is impossible. With some in depth research, it is possible to find insurance companies that cover these types of bikes. Since these bikes are custom built, most states will require them to be inspected by their Department of Transportation. Some states might even require owners of custom motorbikes to pass semi-annual or annual safety tests. It is also a good idea to get the custom motorbike appraised, since it is highly unlikely that insurance companies will recognize the uniqueness and true value of these bikes.

Another reason why it is difficult to find insurance for custom motorbikes is because of the high replacement costs that are involved. If such a bike is damaged or lost, most insurance companies would not want to pay for the high replacement costs. Hence, you will be lucky if you are able to find more than just liability insurance for your custom bike. With liability insurance, damage and injury to other riders and drivers are covered. However, if you persist hard enough, you might be able to find collision or comprehensive coverage.

The easiest way to find a motorcycle insurance policy for custom motorbikes is by searching the internet. This allows you to do research for the policy without too many hassles. Ideally, look for insurance companies that are familiar with custom motorbikes. You could also speak to your friends who have built their own custom motorbikes. They might be able to lead you in the right direction.

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