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Finding Motorcycle Insurance Policies That Work With Other Insurance Policies


Motorcycle insurance has to be purchased as separate coverage from auto insurance. Many insurance policies offer ways to combine your different policy needs so that they work together seamlessly. You could save money by using the same insurance company for each different type of policy.

Using the Same Insurance Company

One of the easiest ways to make your motorcycle insurance policy work with your auto insurance policy is to talk with your auto insurance agent about adding motorcycle coverage to your existing plan. You may find that there is a discount for adding the new coverage rather than creating an entirely new policy. Insurance policies tend to be less expensive if you find ways to consolidate them so that there is less paperwork. Using the same agent for all of your policies is convenient, as well.

Covering Legal Minimums

When you are shopping for motorcycle insurance, you need to make sure that you at least cover the legal minimum in your state. Each state requires a different level of liability insurance for motorcycle riders. Talk with your auto insurance agent about what you have to carry for your motorcycle. There may be a deal that you can take advantage of that includes auto and motorcycle insurance at once. Ask about additional motorcycle coverage options and consider how much insurance you may need based on your driving habits. If you will drive your bike on a regular basis, you may want to purchase extra insurance to cover any possible problems.

Combination Policies

Motorcycle riders can also save time and money by combining all of their insurance with one company. Most insurance providers offer home insurance, life insurance, and recreational vehicle insurance as well as auto and motorcycle insurance. If you can lump as many of those policies together at once with the same company, you will find that it is easier to handle all of your insurance business. In most cases, the insurance company will also offer you a special discount on all of your policies because you have consolidated them all with the same company.

Researching Multiple Coverage Options

Do not settle for combining your motorcycle insurance with your existing auto insurance until you have done a little research, though. Spend some time comparing motorcycle insurance quotes from several different companies before you purchase a policy. It may be in your best interest to use a different insurance company if they offer better coverage at a more affordable price. Sometimes it is easier to use an insurance company that focuses primarily on motorcycle policies when you are driving an older classic bike. Standard motorcycle insurance policies do not always take into account some of the more unique needs of motorcycles.

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