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Finding Low Motorcycle Insurance Quotes For Older Bikes


Older bikes can have higher-than-average motorcycle insurance quotes under some circumstances, particularly if they're valuable or if they're deemed unsafe when compared to modern bikes. For the casual motorcycle rider, this can make it difficult to pay for insurance. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to manage costs and to keep insurance premiums from being too high, regardless of the amount or types of coverage that a rider is paying for.

As with all motorcycle insurance quotes, it helps to minimize the chances of certain types of claims. Motorcycles should be safely parked in garages whenever possible, as garaging location can have a serious effect on insurance rates. For a casual motorcycle rider, finding a suitable garaging location might be difficult, but when a policy has comprehensive coverage, it's important to note the role of location in insurance quotes. If an older bike isn't very valuable, it may be worthwhile to cut out comprehensive and collision coverage entirely, although this obviously carries a risk for riders. Likewise, other aspects of coverage can be altered as necessary to get lower rates. For example, riders who rarely carry passengers and who have good medical insurance can cut out personal injury protection (PIP), provided that state law allows riders to cancel this type of coverage.

Many riders don't want to cut coverage at all, especially if their older bikes are especially valuable. Fortunately, there are other ways to keep rates low. The first step is to look for motorcycle insurance quotes online and to compare options. While insurance companies use roughly the same techniques to decide on premiums, they use information very differently, so a single rider might see wildly different premiums for two essentially identical policies. Searching online will allow for the best range of quotes, as insurance companies are particularly competitive on the Internet due to the large amount of drivers searching for their next policies on the web.

After comparing a few quotes, riders can get even better rates by asking for insurance discounts. Discounts are available for most individuals, as motorcycle insurance companies are some of the only insurance providers allowed to give out discounts for things like good insurance records and state-sponsored class attendance. The availability of various motorcycle insurance discounts will vary by state, but it's always worth asking, as one or two simple discounts can lead to a big discount for a bike owner with an older vehicle. By carefully choosing coverage, comparing rates and asking about discounts, bike owners will pay much less for insurance, regardless of a bike's age or any of the other factors that might be pushing up an insurance quote.

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