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Determining Whether To Buy Medical Expense Coverage


It is helpful to carry some form of health insurance in the event of a minor or serious medical visit. It is also wise to carry some form of auto or motorcycle insurance in the event of an accident. But there is also protection available that can cover injuries obtained in a motor vehicle accident. That is where medical expense coverage can help. But how useful is medical expense coverage and what should someone consider when they determine whether to buy medical expense coverage?

Medical Expense (also known as Medical Payments) coverage covers all necessary and reasonable expenses for injuries resulting from a motor vehicle collision, regardless of other insurance and who is at fault. In many cases, the coverage can apply from usage of the motor vehicle in which an accident is not involved. The coverage applies to the "insured" person, his or her spouse, a relative residing in the household and anyone occupying a vehicle on the policy.

There are significant factors that a person should consider when he or she determines whether or not to carry Medical Expense coverage. One factor to examine is health insurance. Some health insurance coverage comes with high deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance that can get expensive in the event of an accident. If health insurance is obtained through an employer, it is only as good as the employment lasts. There are many kinds of motor vehicle injuries that regular health insurance does not cover. Also, Medical Expense coverage is often not part of an HMO or PPO, so it may offer more flexibility than health insurance.

Drivers and passengers should also consider their state's Medical Payment coverage. Some states have varying amounts of coverage that they require drivers to carry.

A final factor to consider when determining whether to buy Medical Expense coverage is that Medical Expense coverage follows the drivers who carry it. If a person who carries Medical Expense coverage is involved in a motor vehicle accident as a passenger, he or she will be covered even if the driver has no insurance. If the driver does carry this coverage, the passenger's Medical Expense coverage will provide additional coverage if his medical expenses are higher than the driver's coverage limit.

Anyone who travels as a driver or a passenger in a motor vehicle should look beyond traditional health, auto and motorcycle insurance. Medical Expense coverage can be a relatively small investment for any driver or passenger compared to the money it can save in treatment of injuries that are not covered by health insurance.

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