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Considering Your Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Limits Before A Summer Trip


Now that the warmer weather has arrived, many riding enthusiasts are ready to take out their scooter and gear up for a summer motorcycle trip. Checking out the motorcycle and giving it a tune up is a good idea, and doing the same with insurance is also wise. Investigating insurance coverage is essential before hitting the open road. Motorcycle insurance limits vary from policy to policy, and making sure that this coverage is suitable for the trip is one of the most important steps that a rider can take.

Depending on where a motorcycle rider lives, some insurance companies offer what is known as seasonal coverage. This allows the bike to be ridden in the warmer weather months, but requires that it be put away during winter season. These policies have specific dates when they are active, and it is necessary to confirm with the insurance company the dates of active coverage.

The policy purchaser typically decides motorcycle insurance limits, and because motorcycles are considered high risk, having as much coverage as one can afford is advisable. If the vehicle has a lien holder, then the lending institution will typically require that a policy carry comprehensive and collision coverage.

Collision coverage will pay for the damages done to the motorcycle in case of an accident, regardless of who is at fault. Traditionally, the insurer will cover all cost associated with these incidents, minus the amount that a policyholder has selected for their deductible. Comprehensive coverage exists to cover incidences of theft, vandalism, hail, fire and other similar occurrences.

In case the motorcycle becomes disabled on a summer motorcycle trip, it is wise to check the policy and ensure that towing coverage is available. Depending on the destination for a road trip, this service can be expensive, and difficult to find. The insurance company can be a lifesaver when it comes to locating a company that can tow motorcycles in an unfamiliar city.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is a great addition to motorcycle insurance limits, and they come in handy when one is involved in an accident with another individual who does not have adequate insurance coverage. Personal injury and medical coverage is not required to carry, but motorcycle riders involved in accidents can be seriously injured, and medical bills can add up quickly. This coverage helps alleviate these expenses to some extent, and is worth investing the extra money to obtain.

A summer motorcycle trip is certain to be great fun, but being properly prepared and thoroughly insured, can take a great burden off the minds of travelers and their family. Finding affordable policies is simple, and in most states, having minimal liability coverage is the law.

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