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Contrary to popular belief motorcycle insurance quotes can often be as high as or even higher than car insurance rates. However, if you are interested in seeking out discounted rates online there are several insurance options that can help achieve your objective.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that only the big insurance companies provide the most competitive rates. The fact is that there are more chances of obtaining cheap motorcycle insurance quotes from a local brokerage as compared to a very well known insurance company. If you are searching for cheaper insurance rates online ensure to click through on all possible sites and their rates. This is important to compare prices and determine the best rate possible.

One of the best ways to be eligible for a straight 10% discount on your motorcycle insurance is to take a basic course on riding. These courses are easily available via any local motorcycle safety riding school. In addition to providing you with an instant 10% rebate on motorcycle insurance, it also provides a similar discount on your car insurance. This is one of the best insurance options to avail better discounted deals online.

Insurance companies tend to cross reference specific bike models with an individual's riding skill as well as age. For example, bike riders aged above 40, with experience are considered as part of the high risk segment when they ride a 1500+ cc bike. The higher the anticipated risk the higher the premium amounts quoted by the insurance company. When it comes to cheap motorcycle insurance quotes online make sure to choose bikes that fall in the lower risk segment when cross referenced with your age or riding skill. Make sure to read up on high risk categories as provided by NTSB before you buy the new bike.

One of the best ways to access affordable motorcycle insurance is to do your own research. Apart from asking insurance companies for free quotes you can also check online calculators and comparison tools to assess different quotes. Check features of every policy, price and other benefits before you decide on a particular plan. You can also visit some of the online motorcycle forums. Posting a query on which are the best insurance options for affordable rates will get you several responses from experienced riders.

Ultimately a good rate on your motorcycle insurance will depend on the amount of time you invested shopping around as well as how good your driving skills are. Age as well as the bike model also plays a part in the kind of rate you get from the insurance company. Check for quotes across smaller companies as well.

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