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When To Cancel Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy


As responsible citizens and patrons of the road, motorcycle riders should always carry the appropriate insurance. Not only is this insurance required by law, but it should be required for your own peace of mind. There should never be a time when you take to the streets without the appropriate coverage; however, there are situations that might cause you to question your current policy.

Now, if you are currently driving your motorcycle, and have plans to continue the active use of it, you should never cancel your insurance outright. The consequences of not having insurance can have disastrous effects on you, both financially and legally. Should an accident occur, you would be completely liable for all damages and associated medical costs.

Some people who live in more temperate environments may wonder if they should only purchase an insurance policy during the warmer months when the bike will be in use, and then cancel it in the colder months when it will be stored. This may seem like a good idea, but insurance companies will keep track of cancellations and you may not be able to find a provider in the future with this reputation. Alternatively, you should inquire to your policy provider to see if they will give you a reduced insurance cost during the months that it will not be used.

Your motorcycle insurance premiums may some day cost you more than the actual bike is worth. This is where you would want to look carefully into the collision and comprehensive portions of your insurance policy. You may be able to determine that the added costs of the optional or additional coverage can be cancelled from your policy. In this case, you would only retain the minimum liability amounts as required by the state of registration.

The most common and perhaps obvious reason to cancel any type of insurance policy is that you may find similar coverage and cheaper rates from another provider. The insurance cost of a motorcycle policy may vary drastically between different companies. And of course, you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal.

The best way to find out if you can get a cheaper rate elsewhere is to go online and request insurance rate quotes. These online resources are quick and convenient and some may even provide side-by-side comparisons of what your potential premiums may be from the different companies.

As you can see, there are certain situations that may cause you to rethink your current motorcycle policy. However, you should also cancel with caution and never operate a motorcycle on the road without some form of legal and liable protection.

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